The Greater Wichita YMCA

Online Service Help Information

1. Create Account ONLY IF you, your spouse, or your child has NOT been to the Y, in a Y program, or given to the Y,
else, use one of the Account Login options.

Is this your first time logging in? If so, did you use the First-time login section? If not, please give it a try using your HOME phone number.

For returning logins, did you try using your home or work email address, or your spouse's email address(es)?

It's best to try the email address submitted on your membership application, a program registration, or when you created your account online.

2. If you, your spouse, or your child have been to the Y, in a Y program, or given to the Y, you already have an account.
If you've not given an email address or don't remember which email address is on your account,
use the First-Time login with your home phone number and you should be able to log in now and in the future using the email address you entered.

3. If you still need help, please send an email to or call your local YMCA.

Upon requesting help, you will need to provide YMCA staff with your email address, first name, last name, address, and Date of Birth for identification purposes.

4. If you or our staff have created a duplicate record in the system, you will not be able to log in until

the duplicate records are merged. Your local YMCA staff can confirm and email to fix.

5. Please email if you have suggestions on how we can improve your online experience or to inform us of additional payment methods we need to consider.

316.733.9622_ Andover YMCA

316.264.9374_ Central YMCA

316.685.2251_ East YMCA

316.320.9622_ El Dorado YMCA

316.858.9622_ North YMCA

316.260.9622_ Northwest YMCA

316.942.5511_ South YMCA

316.942.2271_ West YMCA

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